Query Tool Help Screen

This screen contains the user documentation for the NASSGAP Custom Query Builder. Click the links below to view help files as PDF documents. If clicking a link does not open the document, right-click the link and select "Save As..."

What is the Custom Query Builder?

The Custom Query Builder (CQB) is a tool which allows end users easy access to a wide range of data, and the flexibility to customize how the data is organized and presented. The CQB supplies users with the power of building complex queries while maintaining the simplicity and usability of a graphical user interface.

Help Topics

Create a Query - A good introduction to the Query Tool that shows the process of creating a new query.
CQB Functionality - A more detailed manual showing how to use the Query Tool.
Data Filtering Criteria - An in-depth look at filtering data.
Sorting and Ordering Data - An in-depth look at sorting and ordering data.
Saving Queries - Shows how to save and share queries.
Registration - Shows how to register so you can save queries.

Useful Links

Forgotten Password - This page allows you to retrieve your lost password.