Annual Survey
Acad. Year 2021-2022

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The survey is divided into three parts.
Part 1 - asks for information about the responding agency (NASSGAP member profile).
Part 2 - asks for information about individual student aid programs in the state. Please complete a report for each state program that provides student assistance, regardless of who administers the program. Part 2 should be as comprehensive as possible, including grants, loans, work-study, tuition waivers, and loan assumption programs funded by the state. Provide as much information about each program as possible, even if it is not complete. List programs that the agency administers, but are funded by private or federal sources, in Part 1.
Part 3 - requests detailed information about the administration of programs in your agency and special topics. Release of some items in this section will be limited to NASSGAP members only.
If you wish to print the survey in advance to review all the questions, send the questions to another agency, or pre-plan your data submissions, please use this PDF version.